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The grinding process involves a series of operations to separate the husks from the wheat kernels in the best possible conditions. The goal is to obtain high-grade flour of irreproachable quality. Each wheat kernel yields 78% flour and the remaining 22% are ‘by-products’ destined for animal feed. After grinding the flour is stored in silos, of which the mill has eleven.



Breakage / Roller milling step 1: crushing the kernels / Roller milling step 2: grinding the crushed kernels

Breakage consists in shearing the husk from the kernel. The mill has a breakage capacity of 1,000 quintals per 24 hours and breaks 220,000 quintals of wheat per year. It has five break rolls (grooved cylinders used for removing wheat husks), four rollers for cracking the wheat into semolina and 6 rollers (smooth cylinders) for further grinding.




Sieving (blutage) consists in putting the products through a series of sieves after crushing, making it possible to sort them according to granule size. The mill is equipped with 4 plansichters and one safety plansichter.




They make it possible to scrape any remaining flour from the husk.

Moulin Paul Dupuis - sieving and grinding process
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