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History of Moulin Paul Dupuis


18th CENTURY – construction of the Paul Dupuis Mills

1976 Gérard Dalzon, son-in-law of Pierre Dupuis, succeeds him as head of the mill at Gournay-en-Bray, holding the position until 2000.

1979 Gérard Dalzon is instrumental in creating the UNIMIE Millers’ Association, which was to become BANETTE in the course of the 1990s.

1988 G. Dalzon acquires the Le Havre-based flourmill “Aubert-Lemaître”, shutting down the plant to concentrate the activity in the Gournay Mill.

1998 The mill’s crushing capacity is brought up to 1,000 quintals.

2001 The company is sold to the Maurey family, who own the Chars Mills in the Val d’Oise region.

2007 Lionel Deloingce, a Miller in Mouy in the Oise region, joins the company as partner.

The two mills merge, the Mouy Mill is shut down and the activity is transferred to the Gournay Mill.

2008The company applies to be audited for ISO 22 000.

2010ISO 22 000 certification is granted.

2011new packaging and palletizing line is set up.

2011The blending station is modernized.

2011stocking unit dedicated to trading products is created.

2012A new facility is built for storing and loading material handling equipment.

2012Implementation of the GMP+ standards on by-products or meals for animal feed.

2012+ certification (animal feed Benelux) is granted.

2013blending station is overhauled and put into operation.

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