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Benjamin Marquis belongs to the new generation of craft bakers and pastry chefs. At only 32, the young businessman heads a team of 10 employees. A highly-skilled manager, he took over a shop in Choisy-au-Bac a scant two years ago, and it has been growing exponentially ever since.

Benjamin Marquis defines himself as a craftsman, “an inspiring conductor” whose original recipes his employees apply with great diligence and care. Being a self-motivated individual he does not work with his life partner and only spends 30% of his time in the lab. When he took over the bakery-pastry shop in Choisy-au-Bac he decided to renew all the machinery and the lab, and bring in new recipes. His method turned out to be profitable as in barely two years the bakery turnover soared from 600 000 euros to over 1 million euros.

According to him, the keys to success are product quality, hard work and creativity. Quality has a price, and this does not seem to be a concern when the product is issued from short supply channels. Benjamin Marquis has worked for many years with local producers. He has built his own network of small suppliers.

Through the talent and skill of the pastry chef, plain ingredients come to life. He learned the trade with M. Orget in Saint-Just-en-Chaussée, then had a brief stay in Paris. He started his first business in Lille where, he says, “For two years I worked 19 hours per day, it was very hard”.

But product quality and talent are not sufficient. It is vital to “know how to renew oneself, call on one’s imagination and bring about new creations that will stimulate the curiosity of the clients and make them eager to try the new tastes”. His stylish but simple shop is a far cry from the established codes of a bakery, and in it Benjamin is fond of creating new kinds of pastries and staging attractive presentations. Céline Poitier is a precious helper, in charge of matching the shop decoration with the change of seasons and punctual celebrations.

When asked about the future of bread baking, he replies with force and enthusiasm, picturing himself a few years hence: “Have you heard about Prêt à Manger in London? To me, there’s the future of bread baking: a fast-food and self-service concept. You need to offer bread and pastry products with an added value. Here, I am betting on unplanned, additional sales: clients come in to buy a baguette and then they indulge in a pastry.”

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