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Bakers wishing to advertise organic products are required to obtain a certified organic product label.

The mill provides guidance to committed professionals, offering useful information and tips about the requirements and procedures essential to achieve certified organic status.

This includes a description of the documents to be handed over to the auditor (stock control logbook, various product analysis…), valuable advice concerning the bakehouse daily use, i.e. cleaning, stocking and baking instructions as well as coaching on store display.

Our Organic Flours
> T65 Organic Flour
> T80 Organic Flour
> T110 Stone-ground Organic Flour
> T150 Stone-ground Organic Flour
> Organic Spelt Wheat Flour
> T130 Organic Rye Flour
> 6-cereal Organic Flour
> Organic Flour for Thérain Bread
> Organic Seeds

Download the Artisan Bio Inventory Logbook

AB Organic Farming
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